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Rampage Savage Mike Apple Slush
Apple Slush E-Liquid features a cold and crisp apple flavour that really hits the sweet spot.
Ricky Plant Master Kelly Black Jack
Black Jack E-Liquid takes influence from a retro aniseed sweet - An incredibly moreish flavour that will bring memories flooding back.
Brain Freeze Hunter Blue Menthol
Blue Menthol E-Liquid features and ice cold blueberry flavour that will take your breath away.
Doctor Terror Trevor Ice Cool Grape
This sensational grape soda taste has been given a touch of ice - Resulting in a cool and sweet E-Liquid that really hits the spot.
Master Raider Dave Ice Cool Orange
An explosion of ice cold orange flavour makes this E-Liquid one you have to witness. Zesty and cool, this one hits the spot.
Blood Moon Nora Mango Passion Fruit Guava
A blend of three exotic fruits makes this E-Liquid a tropical dream you may need to experience.
Strip Maul Tara Pink Fruit
Pink Fruit E-Liquid features a delicious blend of fruit flavours - A unique fruit blend that will ignite your senses.
Dane of Pain Jane Red Menthol
Fruity and refreshing - Red Menthol E-Liquid features a red berry blend with a cool minty undertone.
Nick The Corrupter Strawberry Rhubarb Custard
Featuring a sweet strawberry & rhubarb taste, this E-Liquid is rounded off beautifully with a smooth custard finish.
Dali Cali Rammer Tropical Fruit
A beautiful blend of tropical fruits gives rise to a juicy flavour that will cure any holiday blues.
Captain Chase Lime Slush
Lime Slush E-Liquid features a cold and crisp lime flavour that really hits the sweet spot.
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